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No Such Thing as a Smooth Release?

It's pretty commonly understood in the indie community that something always goes wrong on release day. It's inevitable. Sometimes it's something big like Amazon sending out the wrong file and people getting an early draft of the book instead of the final version (YIKES), or a misprint of the cover, or the book goes live too early or too late. Basically, a book release is both an exciting and unnerving endeavor since you never know what's going to happen until the day of.

Yesterday my third book Poems for the End of the World came out, and I'm almost afraid to admit...everything went *super well!* (Knocks on wood a million times.)

If you'd like to see all the behind the scenes action, I vlogged the whole day (a tradition I'm falling into with all of my books now, and one I'm so excited to have the opportunity to look back on in the future! Highly recommend if you're also an author!)

Everyone on social media was so kind and sharing pictures of the book. I especially loved seeing screenshots of everyone's favorite poems. I spent the day interacting with everyone and editing the next book--basically my ideal day. My book even got that nifty little orange flag on Amazon as a #1 new release in its category, which is always fun to see.

I also realized thanks to one of my followers that the book came out on National Poetry Day! This was totally not intentional, but one hell of a lucky coincidence. (I'm totally going to pretend I did that on purpose.)

Thank you so much to anyone reading this who was a part of release day. Every post, every DM, every comment, every review--it all meant so, so much. This collection is very close to my heart and seeing other people enjoy it and relate to it was honestly the best feeling in the world.

Thanks for giving my books a chance (and my blog a read!)

All the best,

Katie xx

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