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I do my best to list every trigger for my books, but sometimes I miss things. If there's a trigger you believe is missing on any of these lists, please feel free to reach out. I will absolutely add it. I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have about the triggers you see on these lists.

The Marionettes Series

The Marionettes series is my most adult to date, and the books are graphic in every sense of the word. The following triggers apply to the series as whole, though some are more prevalent in certain installments than others.


smoking, addiction; imagery similar to self-harm; self harm; death, grief, loss of a loved one; abuse, physical, emotional, parental; parental neglect and absence; graphic violence and gore, some relating to animals; graphic descriptions of injuries; sexual coercion/intimidation/dubcon (none relating to the hero/heroine); descriptions of sexual assault (scenes not on the page); kidnapping; torture; manipulation.

Broken Perfect Lies

death, grief, loss of a loved one; murder and attempted murder; graphic violence and gore; stalking and threats; hospitalization; depression and PTSD; sexually explicit scenes; car accident; victim blaming.

The Pact Series

The Anti-Virginity Pact:

bullying, religion, 

animal abuse (one scene), sexual assault, homophobia, slurs, substance abuse, anxiety, trauma

The Anti-Relationship Year:

Depression/anxiety, pregnancy/abortion, stealthing/sexual assault, bullying

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