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Signed The Marionettes Series Paperbacks

Signed The Marionettes Series Paperbacks

Signed paperbacks of The Marionettes series. Comes with swag pack that includes character art, a bookmark, stickers, and more!


Choose which book you'd like from the dropdown menu. Options include the full set at a discount, as well as discounted copies that have little damages from "the graveyard"*


*The graveyard books never include major issues with the books or anything that would hinder your ability to read the text. Sometimes books come from the printer with little quirks caused by a misprint or damage sustained during shipping—bent corners, scratches on the covers, pages cut off unevenly, etc. The “damages” for any given copy vary. (But some are so small, you might not even notice them!) Rest assured, I don’t include books with any major issues here.


**You can find books with larger issues (and larger discounts) in the "graveyard" tab in the "clearance" listing.

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