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Signed Marionettes Hardcover Set Sprayed Edges in "Fire Magic"

Signed Marionettes Hardcover Set Sprayed Edges in "Fire Magic"

These "multi colored" sets are all handmade by Katie and are one of a kinds - no two sets are the same!


"Fire Magic" set includes:


The Marionettes in solid red

Wicked Souls in red/copper

Bloodless Ties in solid red

Ruthless Ends in red/copper


The graveyard is the only place to find the sprayed edge editions of The Marionettes outside of the Kickstarter (which has now ended). 


The "damages" of the sprayed edge books refer to the paint, not physical damages of the books. Examples of possible flaws: bleeding of the paint on the edges of the pages (usually just the first and last page), imperfections along the painted edges, or I just decided against using that particular color in the Kickstarter campagin. Some damages are pictured as examples, but all damages might not be pictured. 


The original cost of a sprayed edge hardcover set in the Kickstarter: $111 + sprayed edge add-on $55 = $166. The "damages" are reflected in the discounted price. 


All hardcovers include exclusive bonus content you can't find in any other editions of the books!


All graveyard orders come with the same swag as regular orders.

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