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Self Publishing 101 Volume 5

Self Publishing 101 Volume 5

Self-Publishing 101 Volume 5

A bind-up of the next ten of my exclusive Self Publishing 101 videos with extra tips and resources, all in one place!


What you get in volume 5:


  • 10 exclusive videos from my Self Publishing 101 tier on Patreon that will never be on my YouTube channel (2.5 hours of video content)
  • A 26-page workbook with resources for each topic
  • A $50+ value for just $25


The videos in volume 5 cover the following topics:


  • The results I've seen from TikTok and Instagram marketing
  • A mini TikTok masterclass with step-by-step instructions from coming up with content ideas to how to actually create the videos
  • A look at how long book sales continue after going viral on social media
  • Why I chose to be in Kindle Unlimited
  • Income report for my best income month ever (and some important mindset shifts)
  • At look at updates to Ingramspark and my experience publishing through them
  • The cost of selling direct and doing signed books
  • An "everything" self pub wrap up for November (what I did to market and the results I saw)
  • 2022 income report
  • A look at how my Marionettes series is selling (sell through, projections, and more)


Your files will be available to download once payment is confirmed. No returns, exchanges, or cancellations are accepted, but please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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